Earlier this year I had the extraordinary opportunity to compete in Lyon France for the International Catering Cup 2017. My teammate, Chef George Castaneda CEC and I had just finished up a four year journey with Team USA competing against a multitude of countries in the “Culinary olympics”. We brought home gold medals across the board and reigned supreme in the cold food category above every other competitor. Going into ICC we were certainly less than prepared as we only had a few months to build and perfect our program. While we did not place in the top three, we did land the fourth place over all. That just didn’t sit well with us and we decided to spend the next two years preparing to compete once more for the 2019 ICC. Our focus is largely on building an equipment package that will stay in Leon for future teams and building relationships for corporate sponsorship. I’m pleased to announce Electrolux NA will be our main sponsor to support George and I reaching first place on the podium in Lyon.


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