8. Stack your luggage with mesh. Stack your luggage when moving through the airport, or competition venue, with mesh to keep them from sliding. There’s still a bit of balancing that goes into it but the mesh makes it far easier and safer.


9. Use a Dog Leash. Add a small loop brace to your tote and keep a dog leash in your carry on: reattach and go! A strong leash with a trustworthy clip makes traveling to your destination far less strenuous. 


10. Build Your Wheels. The tote I use comes with wheels built into the design, but these wheels are directional and only located on one side of the tote. I highly recommend purchasing a set of 4 wheels at your local hardware store to fasten to each corner of your tote. They tend to be sturdier and allow more control and freedom while maneuvering to your destination. 


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