1. Protect your Hardware! I have had the misfortune of opening my tote after traveling and discovering a set of broken knives. An efficient way of preventing this from happening is to pack them accordingly: Make sure each blade is in a magnetic or hard plastic sheath. Place knives side by side on something durable like a cafeteria tray or a 1/2 sheet tray. Use 1 layer of bubble wrap and then wrap 3x in plastic wrap. This will prevent the knives from bending and jostling during travel.



  1. Do Not Use Portion Cups for liquids! It is not a question of IF they will rupture but WHEN. Instead, vacuum seal your ingredients. This doubles as a space saver as you will be able to lay everything flat in your cooler.

PFC Tip 1
Stock vacuum sealed and frozen flat

  1. Freeze ALL liquids if possible. For large liquids, vacuum seal and freeze flat. Make sure to vacuum seal it once more after being frozen in case the first bag breaks.

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  1. Awesome blog post chef! Thank you for taking the time to put it together!!!

  2. Agree on culinary competition tips and trade sharing skills experience learning. On pastry, advance decor’s for cakes etc. time consuming but you can prep reduce time if pack carefully with creative critical thinking depends what you have for competition. My experience on gum paste, Pastillage, Royal icings if you use cotton balls as cushion helps from breaking fragile items secure in a hard box surrounds with foams hard or soft, lightly use tapes depends the kind you like to secure before travel. Consider hand carry or check in, if you can hand carry check the airport policy, if you plan to mail or check in consider factors of breakage and repairs. Also, re-make items on site event. Use these tools; plan, schedule, organize, direct, and manage well your packing list for culinary competitions and consider lots of factors ask question like, what if’s? Gives you a perspective less stress to manage, our time on any culinary competitions are critical local, State, National, and most crucial is in culinary Olympics in October 2016, Efurt, Germany. Once every four years event, your dream goal in career ultima in culinary excellence!

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