Receiving over 15 medals competing both nationally and internationally, at age 22 Corey became the youngest team member in the history of ACF Culinary Team USA.The team has since then earned two gold medals at the Culinary World Cup in Luxembourg and first place at the American Culinary Classic. 

Corey Siegel is from Albany, NY and began cooking at the age of 14. As a student he was a serious member of the American Culinary Federation, and in 2008 began training at the Culinary Institute of America. During his time at school, he worked at Westchester Country Club in Rye, NY. Corey won the Northeast Regional Student Chef of the Year for the ACF in 2010. Corey joined the team at The Greenbrier in West Virginia in 2010, and enrolled in an intense three-year apprenticeship program at the resort overseen by Chef Richard Rosendale. In 2011 Corey was selected by Chef Rosendale to be his Commis for the Bocuse d’Or USA Finals and won the competition in January 2012.  While finishing his senior year of his apprenticeship, he and Chef Rosendale devotedly trained to compete in the Bocuse d’Or in January 2013 held in Lyon, France.

Transitioning through several other high end Country Clubs, Corey is now working for Electrolux Professional as their North American Corporate Executive Chef.

     Corey’s cuisine begins with his sustained conviction to use the most inspiring and quality ingredients that the earth provides. Starting with seasonal ingredients from the farm, he incorporates these with classic and modern techniques, highlighting each element to it’s full potential. His excitement about the opportunity to experience food each day lends to overflowing creativity in the kitchen.
“I believe, despite the ingredients, technique, or method, the foundation for flawless execution is cleanliness and organization.”
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