It been a busy couple of months here at the club.  Renovations are coming along very strong.  Once those items are all confirmed I will share some of the ideas we are using to create a more fluid cooking experience in each area.

This last week I had been asked to do a different type of breakfast buffet, more upscale and interesting than a typical omelet station or egg dish.

I hope you enjoy these ideas, they were inspired by “Modern Buffets”-Leonard.

We have adapted and modified several of the items in that book which provides a great foundation for new ideas in buffet service.

Steak and Eggs
Steak and Eggs- These prime mini filets are seared and basted with shallots and thyme. The waffle is made with roasted garlic puree and rosemary folded into the batter. Topped with summer truffle hollandaise.
Poached Egg and Asparagus
Asparagus and Poached Egg Martini I love asparagus and eggs in almost any preparation. This was an action station we did for our member-member tournament a few months ago and i wanted to re-work it some. This is a simply soft poached egg on asparagus and apple bacon hash with asparagus puree and sauce choron
Caprese Waffle
Caprese Waffle- These waffles were infused with pesto. We used heirloom tomatoes and punched them out to fit the mozzarella. We used the trim to make a slightly acidic/sweet tomato jam, finished with reduced balsamic and olive oil.
Smoked Salmon Waffle
Smoked Salmon Waffle- These waffles were infused with sour cream and dill. The house smoked salmon was rolled, topped with sour cream, fried capers, and red onions. I also added a quarter of a hard boiled egg.